BT 202 Stereo Pair

BT 202 Stereo Pair

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Experience a New Level of Precision and Control With the NEW JZ BT202!

BT 202

Capture every detail of your sound with the new JZ BT202 microphone. Whether you're recording acoustic instruments, drums or piano, this small diaphragm condenser microphone delivers exceptional clarity and accuracy.

The BT202 has a cardioid polar pattern, which means it only picks up the sound you want and not the unwanted background noise. Plus, it's compact and easy to position, so it won't take up too much space in your studio or on stage.

With its rugged construction and sleek black matte design, the new BT202 is built to last.


When it comes to sound quality, the JZ BT202 does not disappoint. Its wide frequency response and smooth, natural sound make it a great choice for a variety of recording applications.

The BT202 captures every nuance and detail of your sound, from the softest acoustic guitar strum to the loud drum kit. Thanks to its premium-level capsule and transformerless design, the BT202 delivers exceptional precision, clarity, and fast transient response. And with its low self-noise and high sensitivity, the BT202 lets you capture even the quietest sounds with ease.

The JZ BT202 microphone is a versatile premium-level microphone for any studio recording or live sound setup. Its exceptional sound quality, detail, and low noise make it an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals alike.


- Small diaphragm (13mm / 0.51 inch) condenser capsule

- Matched pair

- Class A discrete electronics, components

- Cardioid polar pattern

- 5-Year Warranty

- Holders included


- Diaphragm active diameter – 13 mm / 0.51 inch

- Frequency range – 20 Hz to 20 kHz

- Polar pattern – cardioid

- Output impedance – 50 ohms

- Sensitivity – 11mV

- Max SPL – 140 dB

- Dynamic range – 128 dB

- Noise level – 12 dB-A

- Phantom power - +48V

- Output connector – 3-pon XLR male, gold plated

- Dimensions – 161,5mm x 24mm

- Weight 135g




TapeOp (2023)

Once again, JZ has brought a mic into the marketplace that has its own voice. It will certainly be a workhorse in my studio. Even if you already own a great pair of SDC mics, you may want to consider adding a BT202 pair to your locker, as they are versatile and a unique voice in the SDC category.

Sound On Sound (2024)

“The BT202s were already proving to be highly capable all-round mics in my studio... but when Itried them on my upright piano, Iwas suddenly in the‘highly impressed’ category.”

Recording Magazine (2024)

JZ Microphones BT202 easily has what it takes to be a studio workhorse! In some ways, it’s almost the inverse of similar mics in the category, as the rich low-frequency content, smooth mids and warm highs aren’t typically what you’d expect from a pencil condenser. The BT202 is a cozy and intimate-sounding microphone but in a very musical and useful way.



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