Besides having a beautiful and unique design, the Black Hole is a versatile microphone for many applications including acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. I love this mic, it is a work of art!

Sylvia Massy

I love the Black Hole microphone. It is such a versatile workhorse. It has great detail and depth, it's very accurate and can take a lot in without breaking a sweat! It has definitely become one of my favorite microphones to use.

Marc Urselli

When it comes to microphones, I keep my Black Hole at the top of my mic arsenal. Truly stunning on acoustic instruments. So clear, smooth, and versatile. A real winner in all applications!

Rafa Sardina

I found the entire line of JZ microphones to be a substantial step forward into new microphone technology, that not only compares to the "classics", but in some cases, almost beats them.

Thom Russo

The Black Hole is a beautiful microphone for vocals and acoustic instruments. It sounds like the C800g for one-third the price. I love the sound of this mic!

Rob Chiarelli

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