Large Wooden Box

Large Wooden Box

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The NEW JZ Microphones wooden box is a premium-level solution for 2x JZ Microphones models and 2x accessories!

For maximum security, the inner layers are custom-designed for two specific microphone bodies - MICROPHONE 1; MICROPHONE 2. They can be similar (e.g 2x BH2) or they can be different (e.g 1x V11; 1x BH2).

Select and combine between 5 MODELS:

1. Black Hole series (BH1S, BH1, BH2, BH3)

2. Vintage series (V67, V47, V12)

3. Vintage 11 (V11)

4. The Amethyst 

5. BB29

Large Wooden Box - 290 x 230 x 108 cm (for 2x microphones + 2x accessories)

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