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Wire Mesh Pop Filter Like No Other In The market

JZ Pop Filter is a universal pop filter for use with any microphone! The specific industrial design keeps the frequencies unaffected. The compact shape and unique waveform of the mesh reduces unwanted reverberations, and kills the pops and blows effectively like no other pop filter on the market for the price.

JZ Pop Filter has a 45cm (17") long gooseneck for easy positioning and ergonomic attachment to attach the pop filter to a mic stand fast and easily!


- Specific design keeps the frequencies unaffected

- Compact shape reduces unwanted reverberations

- Unique waveform kills the pops and blows like no other pop filter on the market

- 45 cm long gooseneck for easy positioning


"Sometimes a very simple basic product that does a mundane but necessary function is a much more satisfying purchase than the latest compressor or plug-in that everybody’s raving about. The JZ PF is one such product — the best, most well-designed, and well-built pop filter I’ve ever used." - TapeOp Magazine

"I tested the JZ Microphone Pop Filter while using a small diaphragm condenser. Small diaphragm microphones are a worst-case test; they are more sensitive to popping than larger diaphragm mics. It is amazing to me that as hard as I intentionally p-pop, nothing is heard. At the most, the sound of my lips and mouth are heard but no low frequency thumps at all." -Barry Rudolpf (Music Connection)



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