9 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Mic

1. Artisan Craftsmanship Over Mass Production

Our microphone-making process is unique compared to many well-known brands. Every microphone we produce is handcrafted. From the outer casing, grill protection, to the inner capsule housing and its detailing, our engineers handle each step manually.

Since JZ Microphones began, we've always done it this way. While it might take longer than mass-produced mics, the benefits are clear: superior sound quality, longer-lasting microphones, and top-notch build quality.

2. Direct-to-Consumer Advantage

There's a big problem with the traditional distribution chain business model. Third parties, like distributors, dealers, and resellers, need their cut. This means microphones are priced higher to make sure everyone makes money.

However, it's the customer who often pays the most because of these middlemen.

We do things differently. We sell our microphones directly to you!

This means they're much more affordable, and we can give special deals that other microphone brands can't. Plus, you get better support!

3. Revolutionary Capsule Technology

Our founder, Juris Zarins (JZ) used to be a jeweller, fixing everything from high end jewellery to classic microphones. One day, he thought, "If I can fix mics, why not create a new and better ones?" That's how JZ Mics started, introducing the groundbreaking Golden Drop Technology.

While our capsules are handcrafted, they're also uniquely coated with gold. Instead of covering the whole capsule, we place gold in specific spots. This makes our mics sound different from any other.

JZ patented Golden Drop capsules pick up sound faster, giving clearer and more detailed recordings. Every JZ Mic uses this special technology, ensuring top-quality recordings every time!

4. Versatility in Sound

Many companies say their microphones work well on various sources. But unless it's pricey or a repeated old design, it's often not true. Using such mics means your sound is just like everyone else's, making it hard to stand out.

We're confident our mics excel on multiple sources because our customers tell us so!

We get many messages from users, both new and longtime, praising the versatility of our entire range. Even our newest mics continue to impress them.

5. A Wide Range Of Options

For producers and engineers a big frustration when shopping for equipment is the lack of options that fit our specific needs. It often feels like we're just replacing one unsatisfactory item with another, stuck in a never-ending cycle of disappointment.

This is why we offer a wide variety of microphones, with different sounds, shapes, and both modern and vintage styles. We believe our customers should have plenty of choices to find the perfect fit for their studio. This way, you can make a precise decision and break that cycle of dissatisfaction.

6. Unique Designs to Inspire Confidence

In the studio, especially with vocalists, you aim to inspire confidence. They've practiced and are ready to give their best. But when the recording light turns on, especially for newcomers, nerves can kick in.

This isn't just about skill; it's psychological. A high-quality microphone in front of them can make a difference. When they see a professional mic, they feel valued. They trust you more, knowing you're serious about your craft and are there to support them.

All our microphones have unique looks and sounds that producers appreciate. They not only capture great sound but also boost the confidence of artists, making the recording process smoother for everyone.

7. Modern Takes on Timeless Classics

While we respect and acknowledge the influence of past microphones on today's designs, including ours, we believe in pushing boundaries. It's easy to try and replicate what's been done, but often, these attempts fall short due to factors like age and nostalgia. Ultimately, the user is the one who misses out.

We aim to elevate the game. We've taken cherished microphone designs and updated them with modern technology, like our Golden Drop Technology. Our goal is to offer you a sound that's even better than what was available in the golden era of the 60s. We honor the past but are committed to innovating for the future.

8. Unmatched Support After Purchase

Many companies view a sale as just that—a sale. They often overlook the importance of post-purchase support. While we aim for perfection in our microphone quality, we recognize that issues can arise, especially with factors like shipping.

Selling directly to our customers offers an added advantage: a direct line to us if something goes awry. We're always here to assist under warranty. Beyond that, we've built a community for our microphone owners and regularly update our blog. We encourage feedback, ensuring you always have a voice with us.

9. Top-Tier Engineers Trust Us

If you're familiar with JZ Microphones, you'll know that Grammy-winning engineers, producers, and artists consistently choose our microphones. Over the past 15 years, renowned professionals like Tom Russo, Rob Chiarelli, Rafa Sardina, Joe Chiccarelli, Romesh Dodangoda, Dave Eringa, Sean Genockey, Dana Nielsen, and more have trusted our mics. Big-name artists, including Dave Grohl, Aerosmith, Metallica, Architects, U2, and others, also rely on our products to capture their signature sounds.

While it's impossible to name everyone who uses our mics, it's clear: if industry leaders trust JZ Mics for top-notch performance and production, then our microphones are a valuable asset for any studio!

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