Amazon offers JZ Microphones products

JZ Microphones is honored to announce that the latest addition to their dealer network is the world famous online retailer, which started to stock JZ branded products in June of 2014. 
After five years of selling JZ Microphones in USA through dealer networks, the company has managed to reach an agreement that being one of the country’s largest musical instruments and pro audio dealer will offer most popular products from JZ Microphones line card in all of their 41 USA warehouses. 
“Knowing how good Amazon is when it comes to understanding their market and customer needs we are happy to see that they are interested in us. I am sure that this partnership will be great for all parties – JZ Microphones will reach bigger audience, 
Amazon will get access to the best possible microphone products and customers will get the best service out there.” states JZ Microphones VP Sales and Marketing – Edijs Rudzis. 

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