JZ Microphones launches distributor in United Kingdom

JZ Microphones announces Hand in Hand Distribution as their new partners in United Kingdom, also company notifies that Alchemea College of Audio Engineering replaced their AKG 414 microphones with a pair of new BH1s from JZ Microphones.

Recently Latvian high-end microphone manufacturer company JZ Microphones came out with their two newst products – ‘JZ Track’ channel strip produced by SPL in Germany and ‘HH1’ their first dynamic microphone for live applications. In addition of that, JZ Microphones works not only on expanding their product range , but olso searches for new partners worldwide. The first great result is new partnership in United Kingdom - Hand in Hand Distribution. Whole product range will be available (..)

Hand in Hand Distribution Website: http://www.handinhand.uk.net/

Being one of the world’s leading audio colleges, specialising in sound engineering and music production – Alchemea College of Audio Engineering is now using JZ Microphones BH1s microphones instead of using the old AKG workhorses - 414 TL II. Neil Pickles , Director of Alchemea College, was already impressed with JZ Microphones products, using V11 microphones and JZ PF pop-filter. Right now students and tutors are using new BH1s microphones in lectures and studio sessions and they are not thinking to change this situation.

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