JZ Microphones takes over Violet Design Flamingo series microphones

Latvian company JZ Microphones will take over distribution and manufacturing control of the world-renowned Flamingo microphone series thus placing all of the designer’s microphones under one company. Flamingo qualifies as a super-premium studio microphone series whose leading model incorporates a unique ear-shaped capsule. This class of microphones is represented only by a few manufacturers in the world due to the technological level and engineering skills that are required. This is a significant step forward for JZ Microphones, strenghtening the company’s position and presence in the global market. Company’s product line will now be supplemented with super-premium vacuum-tube studio microphone series and the innovations made by the excellent designer Juris Zarins will return to Latvia.

Flamingo series microphones are manufactured in Latvia but for many years the rights of distribution were entrusted to Estonian company - Violet Design. Juris Zarins - The creator of Flamingo products and the brand itself highly appreciates the work done by Violet Design but believes that it is time for the Latvian made microphones to return home and continue conquering the global market with new energy. This can be done by the company JZ Microphones – the company that has close partnership with the biggest recording studios in Hollywood and whose name is well known in the industry. JZ Microphones has a global network of sales channels making it possible for the Flamingo series to be available not only in USA as it was until now, but also in the leading markets of Europe and Asia: Japan, China, Singapour Australia and South America.

There is a high demand for high quality microphones in the music industry, especially when it comes to assembling a recording studio. The quality of microphones therefore is highly important to the sound engineers because it plays a key role in a quality recording which in turn affects the reputation and success of the studio. A good example of Flamingo series being up to the task is the recording of Foo Fighters album Wasting Light in which a Flamingo stereo microphone was used.
Flamingo ME (Magic Ear) is a unique ear-shaped capsule that makes top quality reproduction of a sound source possible. This is partly because of its shape which has the features of a human ear.

Flamingo series consists of 4 microphones: Flamingo ME, Flamingo 47, Flamingo 67 and Flamingo Stereo. All of these microphones come with 10 year warranty which points out to the exceptional quality of the product. JZ Microphones will maintain the warranty of all Flamingo series microphones that have already been sold. In addition the service time will be shortened as JZ Microphones has close connection with the factory making this possible.

JZ Mirophones itself provides a wide range of large diaphragm condenser microphones, starting from the highly appraised Black Hole series and ending with the classical Vintage series. This range is supplemented by small diaphragm BT series and Limited Edition series products. Untill now all of the JZ Microphones products were solid-state therefore adding Flamingo series - a high class tube microphones was a logical step forward in an ongoing pursuit to satisfy all of the end user’s needs without compromise.



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