Violet Wedge

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The Wedge condenser microphone from is meticulously designed for the highest quality of studio recording. It's multi-layered, wedge-shaped head effectively reduces plosive sounds and other noises such as wind or breath. Acoustic open head provides new level of sound transparence and naturalness. 

The Wedge's capsule is made from high-quality, 6-micron Mylar film, and it's innovative freestanding design results in a more open and detailed sound.

The critical first stage circuit is located close to the capsule to further improve sound quality.

The large single-diaphragm is precisely tensioned, adjusted on back plates, and sputtered with Violet's exclusive gold alloy mixture. This process allows The Wedge to give a faster impulse transient response without sound coloration or low-frequency reduction, and also makes it capable of handling high sound pressure levels.

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