Vintage 67 (50% Off)

Vintage 67 (50% Off)

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Classy Warm Sound That We All Love

The soul of many classic recordings we all love so much are the legendary microphones that shaped the sonic characteristics of the golden age of music.

The natural warmth and seemingly effortless precision of the recording achieved back in the day inspired JZ Microphones to re-imagine the beautifully sounding microphone, giving it the benefits of today’s available technology.

The unique capsule technology and discrete Class-A electronics allow for extra low self-noise and exceptional ability to withstand very loud sound sources, giving you true confidence in any recording situation.


V67 is a premium class large diaphragm condenser microphone, equipped with a smart built-in shock-mount and ready to offer that classic vintage vibe, loved throughout decades.


- Large diaphragm 1" (25mm) Golden Drop Capsule - Cardioid

- Extra-low self-noise level - 6 dB (A) 

- Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 134 dB

- Class A discrete electronics, components

- Gold plated output contacts

- Handcrafted

- 5 Year Warranty


"Awesome sound quality, ultra-low noise floor. These mics sound even better than they look." - Music Tech Magazine 

"Extremely quiet, detail and warmth without harshness. Useful build in mounting system." - Resolution 

"Its rich midrange repeatedly blew me away with its rendition of the instruments I tried it on. It excelled on guitar amps, over a drum kit, on tenor saxophone and with male vocals. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a mic that worked so well across a wide range of applications." - Mix Magazine 

"V67 and V47 do delightful things to voices and acoustic instruments: colorful, artistic things that are best suited for those with big mic closets housing more neutral offerings, when "natural" is what you need." - ProAudio Review 



- Studio Vocals

- Wind and Brass Instruments

- Acoustic Guitar

- Guitar Amp