The Flamingo ME

The Flamingo ME

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The Flamingo Magic Ear uses an extra-large ear-shaped transducer which provides a unique, resonance-free, warm and full vocal sound. The irregular shape of the capsule removes circular resonances and reflections. As a result, it has a warm, clean, more dense and natural tone without the typical round capsule resonance effect.


The Flamingo ME is the top-of-the-line vacuum-tube studio microphones designed for high-end quality audio recording.


Flamingo ME have unidirectional cardioid polar patterns and introduce a new physical design in the industry. The large, acoustically-transparent head construction keeps sound details as close to unaffected as possible. The combination of massive body, internal capsule shockmount, integrated head shockmount and the included compact external shockmount work together to reduce rumble and outside infrasonic interference as well as mechanical shocks.


The internal vacuum tube pre-amplifier is based on class-A fully discrete electronics, built using the best quality components and carefully selected and tested 6267 vacuum tube. All circuits are designed under the highest audio standards and provide a linear audio frequency range, very high dynamics, ultra-low self-noise, and very low audio distortion of all types. We use a custom wound large size balanced audio transformer at the output to provide maximum of symmetry and separation of the output signal.


Flamingo microphones come with a sequential, soft starting power supply unit. At the first step after switching on it provides stabilised DC voltage with limited current for the tube heater's protection. Only after the heating of the cathode the stabilised plate and polarisation voltages begin to raise from zero until full nominal of application voltages. The audio output of the microphone is muted until end of above sequential starting process. Sequence is under changing LED indicator control, but a digital display shows actual plate voltage.