The Flamingo Junior

The Flamingo Junior

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"Excellent up-front sound. Quality design and finish. Compact shock mount." Music Radar 


- The HANDCRAFTED Flamingo Junior uses a unidirectional SINGLE DIAPHRAGM LARGE SIZE CAPSULE VD26. A similar-sounding capsule can be found in every Black Hole BH2 microphone.

- These side-addressed unidirectional microphones are designed for professional audio recording where SOUND QUALITY and CHARACTER are of the utmost importance.

- The Junior uses a single-diaphragm cardioid electrostatic transducer, providing VINTAGE TONE with TRANSPARENT HIGS, OPTIMIZED VOCAL PRESENCE, and FUNDAMENTAL LOW-FREQUENCY REGISTER with minimal proximity effect.

- The ACOUSTICALLY TRANSPARENT HEAD construction REDUCES INTERNAL RESONANCES, optimizes the polar pattern, and keeps sound details as close to unaffected as possible.

- There is an INTEGRATED SHOCKMOUNT within the head and an external compact studio shockmount included to REDUCE STAND RUMBLE, outside infrasonic interference, and mechanical shocks.


- GSM shockmount

- The Flamingo Junior condenser microphone

- Wooden box

- Warranty and info sheet


The Junior microphone is designed for the recording studio all-around needs, capable of capturing VOCALS, PIANO, GUITARS, DRUMS, PERCUSSION, STRINGS, WIND, and other musical instruments and sound sources.

The microphone can be successfully used in professional sound reinforcement systems, broadcast and TV studios, in the movie and video industry, project studios, home recording, and many other applications.


The Flamingo Junior has a MEDIUM BRIGHT TONE and the custom-tuned frequency response has SMOOTH ENHANCEMENT AT THE LOWEST REGISTERS, mid-range at 2kHz - 3kHz, and also in the 12kHz region, yielding recordings with LOW-END PUNCH and HIGH-END AIR.

You will find it to be very pleasing on a wide range of musical applications, especially as a vocal microphone when used with an external pop filter. 


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