Studio Bundle

Studio Bundle

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Bundle includes three top sellers from JZ Microphones - V11 + BT201|1s + JZ pop-filter


Vintage 11

The V11 is turning point for the praised Vintage series with absolutely new microphone design which follows the same vintage traditions and qualities as all JZ Microphones products. Vintage 11 is dedicated for everyone who loves recording in highest quality possible and wants something better than all known studio standards. 



BT201|1 is a stero pair of two small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone, offering optional choice of 3 capsules that satisfy the demands of all common studio and live applications.


JZ pop-filter

JZ|PF is universal pop filter for use with any microphone, specific industrial design keeps the frequencies unaffected. The compact shape and unique waveform of the mesh reduces unwanted reverberations, and kills the pops and blows effectively like no other pop filter on the market for the price.