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JZ|PF is universal pop filter for use with any microphone JZ|PF specific industrial design keeps the frequencies unaffected. The compact shape and unique waveform of the mesh reduces unwanted reverberations, and kills the pops and blows effectively like no other pop filter on the market for the price. JZ|PF has 45 cm long gooseneck for easy positioning and ergonomic attachment to attach the pop filter to a mic stand fast and easily.


Media Reviews:


"The JZ PF is one such product — the best, most well-designed, and well-built pop filter I’ve ever used." Tape Op Magazine


"Plosive bursts of air are trapped within the two screens and are effectively reduced or eliminated altogether. And it does all this without changing the sound because the screens are acoustically transparent." Music Connection



Artist Feedback:


"One of those "must haves" around the studio" Barry Rudolph


 User Feedback:


"First and foremost: this thing works. And it works marvelously"


"Yes it is the best pop filter ever."


"I was hesitant to purchase this product as it looked like it could be a gimmick. It's not. It's simply the best pop filter on the market. Don't hesitate, buy it and you will want another one."


"I've had five different pop filters, and this one is the best by far."


"Really works well, love it"