JZ Track

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JZ Track is 1U mono unit Pre-amplifier completed with:

- De-Esser

- Compressor / Limiter stage

- 3-band EQ stage

- Output stage with metering.

Complete solution to record awesome vocals and instruments.

This unit is made by SPL in Germany after JZ Microphones specifications. It is made to perfectly match impedance of JZ microphones and even more excel their unique characteristics and expanded harmonic range. The compressor can be linked with a second JZ Track compressor for coherent stereo operation of two units. Also JZ Microphones will offer optional AD Card with ADAT and SPDIF outputs.

Full function description 


"Very easy to use. Built using tried-and-tested, high-quality SPL circuitry. Smooth, effortless sound quality. Clearly, the JZ Track has been designed to be very easy to use without sacrificing sound quality, and largely it has succeeded in that." - Sound On Sound

"A versatile front-end for recording that both sounds good and is easy to use. Full processing chain in one box. Ease of use. Single Air Band knob for top-end tweaks." - Music Radar


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