J|1 (40% Off)

J|1 (40% Off)

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"Smooth but with detailed, natural sound. Works on just about any sound source. Low noise. An affordable mic that can hold its own against models costing far more."Sound on Sound

J1 Condenser Microphone

After the huge success of Vintage V11 microphone, JZ Microphones decided to expand product range with a budget series named simply J and it's first product being J1. Although targeted to more budget oriented bedroom studios, J1 is still completely handcrafted in Latvia, EU under the supervision of Juris Zarins. J1 will be housed in a flat shaped and grey coloured body with a shockmount already included in the set. Wire mesh grill will be covering the capsule with active diaphragm of 21MM. This brand new capsule is produced using JZ Microphones patented Golden Drop technology.