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BT 301

JZ BT301 mic is unusually shaped cardoid, mid-sized capsule microphone which gives great results in almost any application it is used.

BT301 is the ideal for strummed string instruments, upright piano, cello, contrabass, violin, hand percussion and similar chores, finding its place any higher end mic locker. JZ BT301 is a perfect microphone for serious acoustic applications.

Its GDC3 capsule provides the user with clear, powerful capture of most arco and plucked string instruments, amplified or naturally. Its clever body shape ensures minimal rear axis interference to the cardiod polar response.


- Mid-Sized Condenser Microphone

- Diaphragm 21mm

- Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

- Cardioid pollar pattern

- Class A discrete electronics, components

- Extra low self noise level 5,5 dB

- Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 133,5 dB

Gold plated output contacts


- 5 Year Warranty


All JZ Microphones products use Class A discrete electronics, where all components are tested and measured for a maximum performance and grants to the audio signal cleanest path and extremely low self noise proper es before any recording gear. All components are hand soldered by our engineers to avoid overheating of selected parts.

Electronic components selected to fit our products have  maximum difference of 1.5% in their technical specifications. Only 35% of electronic components can pass this test.

The BH1S and BT301 series microphones use custom-made components with a maximum allowed difference is 0.4%.





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