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Vintage 11

The Vintage 11 is a high-performance cardioid condenser microphone with a one-inch gold sputtered capsule. While the microphone is extremely versatile and will be a perfect fit for most applications, it excels on acoustic guitar, vocals and wind instruments.

The handcrafted Golden Drop capsule is teamed with the highest-class transformer-less electronics to have maximum performance with minimum self-noise.

The Vintage 11 is designed to deliver well-balanced, smooth and super rich sound for a warm and transparent recording.


- Large diaphragm 1,06" (27mm) Golden Drop Capsule - Cardioid

- Extra low self noise level - 6,5 dB (A) 

- Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 134,5 dB

- Class A discrete electronic components

- Gold plated output contacts

- External shockmount

- Handcrafted

- 5 Year Warranty




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